Sunday 16th July 2017 at 7pm

at Takapuna Methodist Church

Once again the Takapuna Music Group presents an evening of jazz-based music-making in a service of worship – a blend of music, prayers and thoughtful ideas, making jazz an integral part of the occasion.

This form of worship dates from the 1960s, when it originated in New York, and has proved increasingly popular over the years.

This year the Group is featuring the Camerata Chamber Choir conducted by Jenny Firth, who will present extracts from “A Little Jazz Mass” by the well-known British Choral composer Bob Chilcott, combined with a number of modern hymns and songs, all with a jazz –based accompaniment.  The audience will be encouraged to swing along with the singers.

On piano we feature the wonderful young jazz pianist Crystal Choi, already making a name for herself in the jazz music world.  Crystal will entertain with some of her expert improvisations as well as leading the accompaniment for the Jazz Mass and songs.  The presbyter, Rev Peter Norman will lead the service and provide commentaries.

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