The Takapuna Methodist Church and the wider Parish in which it sits has been on a Community Led Development journey for a number of years. Community Led Development or Te Whakawhanake ā-Hapori can be understood as a place-based development approach which seeks to build from local strengths and assets, working with diverse groups of people towards locally-owned visions and goals.

Through this journey the church is striving to be more outward facing and intentional in its Community work and to being an active participant in everyday community life, collaborating and working with local people and groups in ways that matter to them. CommunityMatters is an across parish group that brings focus and leadership to this community facing and community-led work.  It is open to anybody who might be interested in community development to become involved.

Kaitahi Dinner, Bayswater School

Community Led Development has five principles and the church seeks to work to these principles in its community facing endeavours:

•             Grow from shared local visions

•             Build from strengths

•             Work with diverse people and sectors

•             Grow collaborative local leadership

•             Learn by doing

More about this way of working can be found through the Inspiring Communities Link:

Current initiatives include:

TMC Nancy’s Afternoons:  These are held here at the Takapuna Methodist Church on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from April to November. Entertainment and afternoon tea is provided for older adults in the community, living independently or in residential care.  Transport can be arranged for guests.

An enjoyable and varied programme is provided each time and offers of help are gratefully accepted.  Contact the TMC Office on 489 4590.

NB Nancy’s Afternoons have gone into abeyance since lockdown due to the vulnerabilities of the people involved.


Shore to Thrive:  “Shore to Thrive was the strengths-based and community-led partnership project between Auckland North Community and Development Inc. and the Takapuna Methodist Church. Shore to Thrive worked with generous, caring, passionate people motivated to make their local communities more connected and better places for everyone to be in.

The partnership spanned February 2016 through until December 2019 and was mainly active in the North Shore of Auckland suburbs of Bayswater and Belmont. Shore to Thrive brought people together, supported locally-led change and positive outcomes in partnership with local people.

The organisations behind Shore to Thrive are delighted with what was achieved locally and acknowledge the incredible people who made things happen. Both partners will continue to seek to support community-led development in the communities Shore to Thrive was active in.


Repair Cafe, Takapuna Methodist Church


For more information see:


Children’s Craft Afternoons:  These are held three times a year for the festivals of Christmas, Easter and Matariki.  Children from preschool to intermediate age are welcome to attend with their parents.  Exciting craft activities and a delicious afternoon tea are provided.     “A safe place to bring the children”.

This work is energetically led by our Children’s Worker, Lizzy Biddle.

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Roger Biddle Scholarship: A scholarship for pupils at Wesley College.


Neighbours Day AotearoaNow in its 11th year Neighbours Day Aotearoa encourages people to reach out to their neighbours in the belief that communities are stronger when people are connected.  The Northcote Takapuna Methodist Church facilitates and contributes to local                                                             Neighbours Day initiatives across the Parish. 

While Covid19 meant the planned physical gatherings for Neighbours Day 2020 could not happen, NDA held an online 10-day Zoom Festival which can still be accessed on their website.  See


Methodist Alliance: This is a formal alliance of the Methodist Missions, parishes and community based social services and trusts. Rev Peter Norman is a member of the Executive of this group.

For further information regarding Community Matters please contact Jennifer Moor at or Rev Peter Norman at