Tutti Fruity – Jazz Vespers

Jazz Vespers is a new take on an old church service. Vespers were held in the evening, as part of the traditional daily services of the church, and served to bring the day to a spiritual end with music, prayer and repose.
Takapuna Methodist Church’s annual Jazz Vespers event is neither a traditional worship service nor just a concert, but an event in which we all participate and enjoy a bit of fun with the jazz idiom and music. There will also be some reflective comments.

David Selfe, renowned jazz pianist and talented exponent of jazz and classical music, joins Callum Hall, cellist and singers for a sumptuous evening of beautiful music.

The theme this year is fruit and flowers.

Sunday 14 July 7pm Takapuna Methodist Church 427 Lake Road, Takapuna

2019 Concert Events Calendar


 Music Schools March 24th

Cantare Choir from Westlake School 
May 19th at 4pm

Chamber Orchestra from Westlake Schools 
June 30th at 4pm

Jazz Vespers IV 
14th July at 7pm

Michael Stoddart, Organ Recital
25th August at 4pm

Paul Chan, Organ & Trumpet
2020 Date to be advised